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Lifeguards, sub-lifeguards and pool attendants, please read carefully. There are duties that fall under your responsibility as a lifeguard that are not so glamorous. Nevertheless, the following duties are extremely important and vital to our successful operation.

*All applicants MUST be 15 years or older by the date of their lifeguard certification class*

  1. Pool Safety. The first and most important responsibility of all lifeguards is to promote safety through preventing accidents and performing a rescue when necessary. By perform, we mean reacting to the situation as trained by the StarGuard Lifeguard Training course. To stay sharp on the skills obtained in the training course, you will be required to attend four hours of in-service training per month during your employment.
  • Complete requirements for the StarGuard Training Program
  • Recognize areas of potential danger and take steps to reduce risk
  • Be proactive in scanning and attitude

  1. Communication. We encourage everyone to voice their concerns with their manager, Field Supervisor or the MPM Office. We want your input on the service we are providing. We are a team! The only stupid question is the one that isn't asked; all input is valuable. Communication is a very important key to a successful summer. You must be able to effectively communicate with all MPM employees, the Client and patrons. Being able to communicate well and effectively well make your job efficient, more fun and easier!

3. Be Professional. You represent Midwest Pool Management as well as the facility you are working at. We expect you to present yourself in a professional manner at all times, through both your appearance and attitude. A good work ethic is an important quality, one in which all employers expect.

  • All staff members must wear the required Company uniform on duty; which includes:
    • Visor or Hat
    • MPM Suit or Trunks
    • Sunglasses
    • Whistle
    • Sunscreen
    • MPM T-shirt
  • All lifeguards need to be familiar with programs offered at their assigned facility.
    • Swim lessons
    • Family Fun Days
    • Water Aerobics
    • Swim Team

Treat all patrons with respect and politeness, regardless of how they are treating you. If you are uncomfortable with a situation, call your Supervisor.

  1. Enforce the pool rules consistently. You are in charge of safety and while using your good judgment you have the authority to discipline those who do not abide by the rules. This means you have to follow the rules yourself as well. As a lifeguard, you are the epitome of safety at the facility, please set a good example for patrons to follow.

  1. Keep the pool(s) clean. Everyone will be responsible for helping out in performing the following duties. Depending on the facility you work at, you may be responsible for completing these tasks yourself or assisting a manager or other staff member in completing them.

- Vacuum Pools - Test Water Chemistry

- Skim Pools - Adjust water chemistry

- Fill out Daily Checklists - Fill out Daily Maintenance Sheets

- Backwash pools - Clean out hair and lint pots

- Use the Leafmaster - Brush the pool walls

- Retrieve foreign materials from pool - Scrub scum lines

  1. Keep the bathrooms and bathhouse clean. Everyone will be responsible for performing the following duties on a daily basis.
  • Checking the bathrooms periodically throughout the day to check stock and cleanliness.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting floors, toilets/urinals, sinks, mirrors, etc
  • Keeping bathrooms stocked with toilet paper, paper towels, soap, etc
  • Cleaning up any messes and disinfecting the area

Just imagine what you would expect from a facility you visit. You would want clean bathrooms, stocked with the supplies you need. If a staff member gets lax in this area, people will notice and they will complain.

  1. Keep the pool area/perimeter picked up and clean. You will be responsible for:

- Picking up trash and debris - Hosing off deck nightly

- Emptying trash nightly and as needed - Disinfecting trash cans

- Cleaning deck furniture weekly - Straightening furniture daily

- Pulling weeds - Keeping concession area clean

- Being observant of potentially dangerous - Keeping deck drains clear of debris


If you have any safety concerns, communicate these to the manager or supervisor immediately!

  1. Know your schedule and arrive to work on time. Every individual is responsible for knowing when they are scheduled to work. If there is a conflict with the schedule, you must notify your manager and/or supervisor. Simply leaving a message is not acceptable. You will be responsible for finding a replacement for that shift. Any sub guard or lifeguard must be trained in and be aware of the pool rules and procedures as well as be approved by the manager. There are no excuses for being absent or late nor are there excuses for not showing up or not knowing when you are scheduled to work.
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